Victor Malkov, Randle Taylor, IRS tour and annual OMPI BBQ

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Thursday, May 22, 2014
3:30 - 5:00 pm
NRC - 1200 Montreal Road, North Campus, Building M-36 - Kelvin Room (please check in at the front desk)

1. "Implementing charged particle transport in electric and magnetic fields in EGSnrc"
Victor Malkov - Carleton University

Abstract: The development of coupled MRI-radiotherapy technologies for IGRT necessitates the ability to perform Monte-Carlo calculations which take magnetic fields into account. This allows for better understanding of dose perturbations induced by these fields, including in-phantom effects and the electron return effect, apparent at air-phantom interfaces. An algorithm that takes advantage of the EGSnrc charged particle transport to improve efficiency has been implemented, and a boundary crossing method is proposed to deal with general geometries when using the EM field package. Preliminary calculations, including simple slab geometries and ion chambers with constant magnetic fields,  are performed to verify functionality and applicability of the code. These calculations show that even under low field conditions the change in exit surface dose is not negligible, and warrants further study.

2. "Filling the gaps in commercial clinical software"
Randle Taylor - The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

Abstract: At The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (TOHCC) the Medical Physics group is currently using and actively developing a number of in house software applications for clinical use. Our in-house software touches on a wide range of clinical areas including our machine quality control program, treatment planning quality control, staff management, incident learning and radiation safety.  Bespoke software allows our clinic to fill the gaps in commercial software offerings and create tools that fit well withing our existing clinical workflows and best practices.  However, the development of custom software is not without risk and often raises concerns about software quality and ongoing support & maintenance. In this talk I'll present some of the software we've developed and discuss some of the ways we've mitigated the inherent risks of in-house software.


3. Tour and BBQ:

We will be finishing off this season's seminar series with a BBQ at the NRC. To help in organizing this, we would like to have an idea of how many people are planning to come to the seminar and stay for the food afterwards. Please reply by May 19 to guarantee your share : Bryan.Muir [at] We will make every effort to accommodate special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarians) but only if we know in advance.

For interested students there will be a tour of the Ionizing Radiation Standards Group facilities starting at 2:00pm. Please register with Bryan at:  Bryan.Muir [at]