Simin Razavi, Jason Belec and winter special event

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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Carleton University - Herzberg Building - Room HP4351

1. "Distortion and efficiency studies of  Positron emission tracking system (Pe-track)"
Simin Razavi - Carleton University

Abstract: Following the steps for the development of positron emission based 3D tracking (PeTrack), the co-registration of PeTrack with an x-ray C-arm imaging system showed an uncounted systematic error. Identification of the source of systematic error is essential in order to correct it. One of the possible sources of error could be the spatial distortion of tracking. Several simulations have been done using a Monte Carlo Software (Gate) to investigate the detection efficiency and the spatial distortion. We tracked the raster scanning of a positron source in different detector planes within the field of view. The results show that the distortion at the edge of the planes is increasing when the distance of the planes get farther from the iso-centre of the modules. Meanwhile an experiment has been done tracking a positron source in the real time, using an X-Y plotter to provide the scanning motion. The results from simulation and experiment were compared.

2. "Modeling continuous motion in radiation therapy using Monte Carlo techniques: from breathing interplay effect to tomotherapy leaf latency"
Jason Belec - The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

Abstract: Recent advances in external photon beam radiation therapy techniques include increase in the number of degrees of freedom and continuous change of several machine parameters during treatment delivery (field shape, dose rate, tumor tracking, etc.). In this talk, we will give three clinical examples where the use of Monte Carlo techniques was useful to model continuous motion and overcome limitation of commercial clinical systems. The examples are: 1) total marrow irradiation treated with helical tomotherapy, 2) Head and neck treatments treated with helical tomotherapy and 3) stereotactic ablative lung treatments treated with volumetric modulated arc therapy.

The talks are followed by an evening skate on the Rideau canal, ending with a social gathering at GuadalaHarry's at Dow's Pavillion (map). Please RSVP to Elizabeth Orton (Eorton [at] ottawaheart [dot] ca) if you'll be joining us for skating and/or meeting us at the pub.