Nelson Miksys, Richard Wassenaar and OMPI social event

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Thursday, September 26, 2013
3:30 - 5 pm
Room HP4351, Herzberg Building, Carleton University
Nelson Miksys and Richard Wassenaar


1. "Patient-specific Monte Carlo dosimetry for permanent implant brachytherapy"
Nelson Miksys – Carleton University

Abstract: Dose distributions for permanent implant brachytherapy can be more accurately calculated with Monte Carlo (MC) simulations than with the widely-used TG-43 water-based approach because tissue heterogenieties and inter-seed attenuation effects are considered. However, challenges remain in the application of MC in brachytherapy, e.g., the mitigation of streaking artifacts (due to brachytherapy sources) in CT images and the ambiguous assignment of tissues and densities when deriving patient-specific MC phantoms from CT images. This work addresses these challenges, presents results on patient-specific artifact-corrected CT- based MC dosimetry for prostate and breast brachytherapy, and paves the way for clinical application of patient-specific MC dosimetry.

2.“Device Design and Security of Radioactive  Sealed Sources”
Richard Wassenaar – Best Theratronics

Abstract: Radioactive sealed sources are common worldwide, filling a wide variety of roles, including medical usage. Due to the activity of these sources, the potential for harm to the general public is high, should the sources fall into the wrong hands and be used maliciously. Due this potential threat, there has been increased attention, at the international level, related to the security of such sources. In fact, the CNSC has recently issued new regulatory document pertaining to the security of Category 1 and 2 (high risk) sealed sources.  Within this framework, manufacturers plan an important role in ensure devices are designed to meet security requirements. Best Theratronics has been actively working with various regulatory and government organizations to redesign their radiation devices with the goal of greater security in mind. In this talk, the results of that work, including the challenges faced by manufacturers and end-users, will be discussed.


The talks are followed by a social gathering at McLauren's Pub: 301 Elgin Street  Ottawa, ON K2P 2N9 (map)

Time: 6-11 pm.