Course Outlines

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  FALL 2017

PHYS 5002 F Computational Physics Dag Gillberg
PHYS 5203 F Medical Radiation Physics Emily Heath
PHYS 5313 F Physical Applications of Fourier Analysis Paul Johns
PHYS 5601 F Experimental Techniques of Particle Physics Kevin Graham
PHYS 5701 A Intermediate Quantum Mechanics with Applications Thomas Gregoire
PHYS 5804 A Introduction to General Relativity Daniel Stolarski
PHYS 5901 O Introduction to Nanoscience Offered at U of O
PHYS 5901 P Photons and Atoms Offered at U of O
PHYS 5909 F M. Sc. Thesis Heather Logan
PHYS 6701 F Quantum Field Theory Heather Logan
PHYS 6901 F Topics in Physics (Ph.D.)  
PHYS 6909 F Ph.D. Thesis