Ottawa Carleton Institute for Physics Graduate Student Symposium: Spring 2012 - PART 2
Tuesday, May 8, 2012
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Azrieli Theatre, room AT-302
Ottawa Carleton Institute for Physics
L’Institut de physique d’Ottawa-Carleton
Spring 2012 Graduate Student Seminars – Afternoon 2
Tuesday May 8, 2012
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Azrieli Theatre, room AT-302
Carleton University
1:30 Nicholi Shiell (M.Sc., Carleton U.), "How to achieve good resolution with short
integration time for Linear Collider TPC"
1:50 Nicolas Bigaouette (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), "Efficient many-body simulations used for
laser-matter interaction in cluster environments"
2:10 Matthew Efseaff (M.Sc., Carleton U.), "Test-retest repeatability of myocardial blood
flow measurements using Rb-82 PET imaging"
2:30 Shoaib Khan (M.Sc., Carleton U.), "Source localization using directional gamma
ray spectrometer"
2:20 Michael Wong (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), "High harmonic spectroscopy of complex molecules"
3:10 Break with refreshments / Pause avec rafraîchissements
3:40 Lindsay Beaton (Ph.D., Carleton U.), "Predicting patient radiosensitivity: Looking 
for biomarkers in human leukocytes following ionizing radiation"
4:00 Azeez Omotayo (M.Sc., Carleton U.), "Investigation of calibration protocols for
nanoDot optically stimulated luminescent detector (OSLD) use in clinical radiotherapy
dose measurements"
4:20 Zengguang Qin (Ph.D., U. Ottawa), "Distributed vibration sensor based on phase
sensitive optical time domain reflectometry"
4:40 Matthew Dunford (M.Sc., Carleton U.), "(Neutrinoless?) Double beta decay of 
Xe-136 at EXO200"
5:00 Eric Beamish  (M.Sc., U. Ottawa), "Multiplexed detection of DNA and proteins
using solid-state nanopores"