Searching for Oscillating Neutrinos at T2K: Results and Prospects
Dr. Mark Hartz
T2K Experiment, Toronto and York Universities
Thursday, March 22, 2012

Neutrino oscillations have been a hot topic in recent decades as
experiments have revealed large mixing between nature's most enigmatic
elementary particles. In contrast to the mixing of quarks, measurements
have shown that two of the neutrino mixing angles are near maximal.
Until recently, however, oscillations through the smallest mixing angle,
?_13 , had not been observed. T2K is a long baseline high intensity
neutrino oscillation experiment employing an off-axis beam to search for
the appearance of electron neutrinos in a muon neutrino beam,
oscillations that are governed by ?_13. In 2011, T2K released a search
for electron neutrino appearance that rejected a value of zero for ?_13
at 90% confidence, opening the door for the observation of CP violation
in neutrino oscillations. In this talk, I will review the measurements
of electron neutrino appearance and muon neutrino disappearance made by
T2K. I will also discuss the future prospects for T2K in light of the
many recent exciting results in neutrino oscillation experiments.