Special Department Seminar: The SPES Project: a Neutron Rich ISOL Facility for re-accelerated RIBs
Dr. Leandro Piazza
Research Scientist
INFN-Legnaro, Italy
Monday, March 5, 2012
HP 4351

SPES (Selective Production of Exotic Species) is an INFN project to develop a Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) facility as an intermediate step toward EURISOL.
The SPES Project is under realization at the INFN Legnaro National Laboratories site.
The SPES Project main goal is to provide an accelerator system to perform forefront research in nuclear physics by studying nuclei far from stability.  The SPES Project is concentrating on the production of neutron-rich radioactive nuclei with mass in the range 80-160.
The final energy of the radioactive beams on target will range from few MeV/u up to 11 MeV/u for A=130.
The SPES acceleration system will be presented, together with the facility realization status and scientific program.