Special Physics Department Seminar
Dr. Fabian Kruger
Research Associate
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Development and Optimization of (Micromegas) Gaseous Detectors

Since several decades Gaseous Detectors are the first choice to equip large detector volumes like for example muon systems high energy physics experiments. With the evolution in photolithographical and microprocessing techniques Micro Pattern Gasous Detectors (MPGD) are becoming mature to sucessively replace the frist gerneration of parallel plate or dirft tube based detector systems.

To prepare the transition from small laboratory prototypes to large size MPGD based detector systems, like the Micromegas for the ATLAS New Small Wheel upgrade,  intense research & development efforts and optimization programs have been performed. This resulted in an increased understanding of the technology and its processes of signal formation.

In this seminar a systematic approach on detector R&D is presented and illustrated with some exemplary studies on signal formation processes in Micromegas detectors. The impact of these studies on the ATLAS NSW Micromegas will be discussed as well as the possible extention of the R&D approach to other process or technologies.